"You know, all friendships have benefits. They can make you laugh. You can tell them anything. Sometimes they’ll do stuff for you that they don’t want to. And sometimes they do stuff to you, you very much want them to do. But I have to say, the biggest benefit of all - is that when you have a problem you can’t solve alone - you realize you’re not."

And Harvey’s torn between two lovers. <3

"If I could go back and change it, I would - but I can’t."

"I guess, I just can’t imagine not having you in my life." :’(

I have waited for this moment for SO long. Not a big fan of Ygritte. 

"In that moment Luke was everything, his vulnerability, his honesty, his work ethic, no games, straight lines. He was a great boyfriend."

Jenna, please don’t screw this up. Luke is perfect!

"I like the person I became when we we’re together."

I love Matty and Sadie together as best friends. :)

"Sometimes you know right away, sometimes it doesn’t take more than a look."